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BAMM Project Management Services offer complete, turnkey operations that relieve board of educations and their administrative staffs of ALL construction responsibilities. Service to our clients is THE driving force behind our efforts.  We recognize the unprecedented economic conditions that have befallen all of us.  Sweeping changes are being demanded. Tax dollars need to be spent more wisely, resources need to be used more efficiently, and as land has become scarcer, buildings need to be more respectful of their surroundings.  In response, we have re-examined everything we have learned as designers and project managers, and have reconfigured our business practices to adapt to this new economic paradigm. Our expertise is put to work to assure our clients a project that will fulfill their needs and goals, be constructed on time and under budget, all within the context of the present political and economic realities. We offer practical, efficient, and economical solutions to districts that need to add, replace, or upgrade their building stock.

We offer to prospective clients the following:

  • Your project will be clearly defined, delineated, and detailed, saving the client time, money, and headaches.  We can promise this because we include our complete A/E (architect/engineer) design services in our project fee, which virtually eliminates change orders as a result.  If you already have a design team onboard, we are more than happy to work with them to institute our construction methodologies to your project.
  • Your project will be built in 25% less time as compared to standard construction practices (as determined from the archives of the NJSDA (New Jersey School Development Authority)).
  • Your building costs will be a minimum of 10% less than the current school construction costs at the time of bidding (as determined from the archives of the NJSDA).
  • Your project will be constructed in such a manner that the building will meet more stringent building code requirements than “traditional” school construction (Type 2B, per the International Building Code), establishing a safer environment for the pupils and staff.
  • Your project will meet or exceed all of your expectations.
  • You will be referring your contemporaries to us!

How can we make such assurances?  Our experiences/expertise on both sides of the building process equation (design and construction) have allowed us to derive a methodology that streamlines and coordinates all facets of a project.  For example, a construction manager has not typically been hired until the design process is either well under way, or completed.  In this instance, their knowledge is underutilized, or absent, from the start.  However, if they are hired at the project’s start, conflicts typically arise between them and the design team. These conflicts are left to the client to referee, not the position any school administrator or board of education needs or wants to occupy.  Our assurances are based upon eliminating such conflicts and establishing shared goals, objectives, and incentives for all project participants.

















Simply stated, without cooperation and shared goals, a project can’t and won’t run smoothly. By establishing shared incentives, we foster an environment where all project members are united in serving you, our client. We create and operate win-win scenarios! Read more about our Organizational Structure.

Construction Methodology

How many processes are exactly the same today as they were 50 or more years ago? Why haven’t the myriad of efficiencies developed in that time been introduced to the design and construction industries? In response, we have incorporated updated construction processes, new materials, and digital advances to accelerate the design and construction phases. These save our clients time, money, and aggravation! Learn more about our Construction Methodology.


Shouldn't your design team be serving you, and not their egos? Isn’t it irresponsible to ignore opportunities to save a client’s money simply for “design statements”? A school system is better served by having a project team that marshals their knowledge and resources cooperatively to create a school building for which the taxpayer, occupants, and administration can be jointly proud. Don’t you agree? Find out more about our Design Methodology.


Why enter into an agreement that gives an incentive to the other party else to spend as much of your money as they can? You would not buy a car or a house in such a manner, why would you buy a school building like that? Our agreements define a set of incentives that reward both our client and ourselves for being efficient and inventive, another win-win scenario! Read about our Fee Structure.